Our Approach


Afrocentricity International supports the economic, cultural and educational elevation of African people in an effort to create cultural consciousness.

“He who feeds you, controls you”

Afrocentricity International’s premise is simple: without our reconnection to our own religion and spirituality, we will never be able to achieve a renaissance, and occupy our space in the world, as Africans.

With this in mind, our approach towards facilitating the necessary conditions to support an African renaissance, hinges on three key areas of people activity: Economics, Education, and Religion.

Through Economics, it is our goal to ensure the basic necessities of life (i.e. food, clothing, shelter, and safety) are met, by adopting a self-sustaining agricultural model that gives African communities full control over their food production, without the assistance of outside aide. In addition to fundamentally transforming our position within the current food economy, AHCP institutes will make micro-loans available to members of the community, to support small business growth, and development.

This two-pronged approach towards economic development (i.e. food & finance), is meant to protect African communities from predatory missionaries, and foreign cultural agents, who encourage Africans to abandon their traditional religions and customs with the promise of food, and employment.

Through Education, it is our goal to reeducate African communities about the fundamental worthiness of our own spiritual practices. Through the committed work of Christian missionaries, and Western Propaganda, African religions have been completely denigrated, and many African people have been misled to believe that our ancestors were “Devil Worshipers.” To this end, AHCP institutes will engage African communities spiritually, historically, and intellectually, to produce self-affirming individuals that act in the best interest of the community politically, socially, and economically.

Through Religion, it is our goal to completely restore the African Family unit, along with reasserting the role of ancestors, as the central figures in the African family. The vast majority of African spiritual practices are done in community, with large gatherings of families coming together to venerate our ancestors and carry on the traditions they’ve passed to us. Without an intact family unit, it becomes impossible to build the type of self-sustaining communities required to achieve a re-emergence of African culture, spirituality, and sacredness. To meet this challenge, AHCP institutes will serve as gathering spaces where the surrounding community can come together and practice our traditions, while gaining the necessary economic, and educational support to rebuild our families.

“A race that is solely dependent upon another for its economic existence sooner or later dies.”